StrainScope Pharma Tester

Quality control in packaging

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Real-time polarimeter for fast and precise measurement of residual stresses in pharmaceutical glass packaging

The breaking strength of glass products is strongly influenced by internal mechanical stresses. This is particularly important when the products are exposed to mechanical loads or strong temperature fluctuations. In the case of pharmaceutical primary packaging made of glass such as vials, syringes and ampoules, the constant testing and monitoring of residual stresses is therefore an important part of quality control – during production at the glass supplier, but also as an incoming inspection in the pharmaceutical industry.

The StrainScope Pharma Tester, specially developed for this measurement task, delivers objective and precise measurement results. An automatic device rotates the test specimen and thus reliably and reproducibly identifies the maximum value of the residual stress – in just a few seconds.

The convenient archive function ensures that all measurement results are fully documented.

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