Quality Control…

Process Supervision

The measurement of quality control parameters such as CO2, O2, alcohol, extract, and turbidity can be developed in different ways depending on the requirements and size of the brewery.

CO2 and O2 are primary parameters in any quality-oriented brewery. However, the conditions under which they must be measured vary significantly:

Small breweries may only operate on specific days or shifts.

A portable device for CO2/O2 measurement, such as the Haffmans c-DGM instrument, is an ideal tool under these conditions.

The process manager can directly determine critical measurement points, from relevant tanks to the filled packaging.

Significance of CO2

Throughout the beer brewing process, attention must be paid to avoid contamination, unpleasant flavors, or any other damage to the beer.

During fermentation, many changes occur in our wort; the metabolism of sugars results in ethanol and carbon dioxide (CO2), influencing the final taste of the beer.

It is crucial to measure the CO2 content inside bottles and cans, as this is a parameter of beer quality. This measurement helps identify whether the beer is over-pressurized or has a low CO2 content, leading to poor foam quality or insufficient flavor for a specific beer type.

c-DGM Benefits

• High-quality measurement of beer in each container.
• High accuracy in measurements, enabling appropriate and timely decision-making.
• Prevent deviations when introducing your product to the market.
• Save time and money.
• Eliminate downtime in the process.
• Prevent losses of finished products.

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